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  • 妙視界
  • 廣州市坊森室內裝飾有限公司
  • ArtsRouge
  • Management
  • 愛藝術咖啡會所


時間:2014-07-22 16:36 所屬行業:廣告、會展、設計網址:http://www.artsrouge.com

ArtsRouge™ was created in the U.S in 2007 and re-established back in China in 2013.  With a purpose of forging cultural exchange among the global art industry, and bringing the best of fine art into China, ArtsRouge™ endeavors to create dynamic relationship and space for artists, art lovers, collectors, corporations, government and the public in China and the world.

The extensive program of its kind conducted by ArtsRouge™ will coordinate a wide variety of initiatives aiming at facilitating cultural and professional exchange among fine art industry. We are committed in every way possible to inspire the public and future generations in exposing them the content of variety art programs. We will live this mission to perpetuate and encourage new generation artists to explore new art forms and leave legacy for many generations to come.